Too Many Windows at Ripley's House

Three Things to Clean in 15 Minutes or Less, Believe It or Not!

Three Things to Clean in Fifteen Minutes or Less, Believe It or Not!

A small routine that makes the day better. 3 things, anyone can do just 3 things.

Trust me, you’ll see the results.  You’ll feel better and your space will look better.

Clean the mirrors every Saturday morning. There’s nothing like a shiny mirror to set the tone for the weekend. This is my personal favorite, makes a happy beginning to the routine.

My granny let me help her with this task on Saturday mornings for years. Her farm house built in the 1940’s had a long mirror in the living room, one in each bedroom (3) and one in the bathroom I couldn’t reach.

Granny, Daisy the Cow and Me
Loved my granny dearly even when doing chores.


Sweep the floors at night right before bed.  You’ll have it out of the way and have happy feet in the morning. Happy feet, happy walk to the coffee maker.


Hardwood Floors, Clean Walk to Coffee Maker
Clean floors equal happy walk to coffee maker.



Clean the curtains or blinds once a week.  Sounds like a chore but once the first week is done, the following weeks take less time. A damp cloth for metal or plastic blinds.  A vacuum attachment for curtains to remove dust.


I have an oversized house for two people and lots of windows. This takes the longest but less dust build up equals less allergy sneezes. I have 18 windows in the downstairs, 3 of them are 4 foot squares. Upstairs there are only 3 standard size ones.

Too Many Windows at Ripley's House
Ripley’s House at Branson. Not cleaning those windows!

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