Blue Tomato Seed Future

Busy Planting Seeds. What Are You Doing in January?

Collected tomato seeds
Collected seeds.

I’ve planted 360 tomato seeds and 72 peppers just in the last week.

Affiliates are part of my income. I may receive some compensation from the links and ads in this page if you make a purchase. There that’s done.

I need to plant three times that many to meet my customers’ needs and personal grow out this year. Acquired over 100 new varieties of tomatoes in the last three months.

Sorting them into binders, creating grow labels and planning has kept me busy when not babysitting my youngest grandchild age 4.

Doing preschool numbers, letters, shapes, colors, stem and site words keeps him engaged away from the television.

Six colors of Brandywine tomatoes, who knew there were that many?  Colors, yes colors, from yellow, apricot, orange, pink, red, and black.

So far the peppers are large bells also in colors: green, red, orange, yellow, white and purple.  Missing brown, lilac and black.

Beefsteak types: yes beefsteak is a type not just a name of a tomato.  Planted a rainbow of beefsteak type tomatoes and they are coming up this week.

Early: who doesn’t want a fresh tomato instead of the bland store-bought variety.  I’m aiming at fresh eating tomatoes by the 1st of April.  Early spring has nothing on my grow plans.

Did I mention I made FB friends with some awesome peeps who love fresh food as much as I do.

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Check back again soon for a garden update.

Trinidad Scorpion from Baker Creek rare seeds