Red dust on a baseball

Stealing Home: Bubba, Baseball, Red Dust

Welcome Baseball Season! I’d thought I’d share a short story about a young kid that I knew as Bubba. His name was Roger and he

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Any key, shared by creative common license. Is this the key for you?

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Just hopped on the Bloglovin’ site and claimed my blog. Join me. Among the other options available I chose Bloglovin’

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Love Rose

Working for Employers

Affiliates are part of my income. I may receive some compensation from the links and ads in this page if you make a purchase. There

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Hello World re-launch day.

Today is re-launch day! Excited, nervous, curious all at the same time.  Join me as I share my observations, helpful hints and lists over the coming months. Prep

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