Early Spring, Busy Spring

1. Spring arrived early.

2. Projects are lined up.

3. What I’ve accomplished.

Banana Legs

One of my favorite paste tomatoes.
One of my favorite paste tomatoes.

Seems like I started on Spring projects the day after Christmas. Seed catalogs had started arriving and I'm still getting one or two every week now three months later. One day the mail carrier dropped six in the box. I love looking at and reading the descriptions of all the new and old seeds to plant. It makes me hungry in a good kind of way. Early Spring has come as predicted by that Groundhog. Busy Spring is still ongoing and headed straight for summer here in Oklahoma.

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Right after Christmas I planted the first tray of tomato seeds, not realizing until too late that I forgot to label them. So when they were ready to transplant I potted them up and traded away over half of them for some iris, mock orange and hollyhock cuttings. Someone got some nice Green Zebra, Yellow Pear, Banana Legs and three other kinds of heirloom tomatoes. I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.
Banana Legs

Bright Yellow Paste tomatoes, perfect for bright salsa and yellow catsup.
Bright Yellow Paste tomatoes, perfect for bright salsa and yellow catsup.

Since the unlabeled tomato trade I've cleaned the greenhouse, cleaned dozens of old plant containers and planted a lot more seeds than I care to name. For starters I planted another twenty varieties of tomatoes, Six different types of pole beans, a dozen or more different herbs and the list goes on. I'm sure I can trade away the extras and still have enough for my daughter's first garden and ours as well.

In the midst of this when things are going along okay in the greenhouse, garden and yard I’ve found some nice trade groups on Facebook and have had several successful seed trades by mail. Helpful old timers, newbies and everyone in between is busy this spring season with seeds. Even found an active winter sowing group with folks who are still seeing snow as I write this post in 75’F sunshine weather here.
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