Seed Producing Zinnia

8 Printable Seed Packets for Free

Garden season is coming to a close in the northern hemisphere.  You’ll want to bookmark this post so you can check out all 8 free offers.  There is also a list of seed saving supplies at the bottom.

Seed Producing Zinnia
Reseeded from 2015. It just keeps on giving blooms and seeds.


Save those seeds to keep your best vegetables and flowers producing next year.

Blue Tomato Seed Future
Saving seeds from these when ripe so I can plant more next year. Totally delicious and healthy fruits.




Share extra seeds if you have them with other gardening family, neighbors and other seed savers.

Pepper plants from seed
Started from seed. Seeds shared from other seed savers.

There are several great groups on Facebook who share seeds all across the globe..

Tall Black Cherry Tomato from Shared Seed
Grown from seed that was shared.

Below are the promised links to downloadable, printable and free seed packets. I’ve checked each link, have used several myself in the last few years. Enjoy! Share this post to Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter.

useful, editable

vintage antique look covers


basic package

labels onto mini envelopes

craftsy style

detailed info designs for the more serious seed saver

nice variety of package art styles



What to do with extra seeds, whether you saved them or bought them and you have more than you need…



Check out the groups of seed savers and seed sharers on Facebook.


Get involved in preserving seed diversity.

Try out new and heirloom varieties for yourself.


Supplies for yourself and for sharing/exchanging seeds can be found at the following links.  I may be compensated if you make a purchase of the item in the link as an affiliate.

Links to basic craft, plastic, glassine and mailing envelopes at


500 count 2″x3″ plastic bags about $6.00 with Prime account.


100 count Mini Glassine Wax Paper Bags 2″x3 3/4″  about $6.50 with free shipping. Can order as few as 10 bags.


Manilla or “coin” envelopes 2-1/4″x 3-1/2″ quantity 100 for about $11.00


4″x 8″ bubble wrap mailing envelopes 50 count for about $8.00


Keep seeds safe in the mail. Use accurate postage.


Don’t label as seeds on outside of package.

Do use bubble wrap to prevent crushing in sorting machines.

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