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Gifts, Crafts, Soap, Wax, Seeds, Plans

Gifts, Crafts, Soap, Wax, Seeds, Plans and More

I can’t believe how fast 2016 is moving. Much of what I wrote last fall is still relevant. Follow this board for updated new project photos and the reopening of the Serendipity Ripples Etsy store in August 2016. Lots of new goodies for shoppers, new recipes, project, diy’s and more to come.

Currently focused on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means planning meals, activities for grandsons, admiring seed catalogs that have started arriving, crafting more things for gifts, more things to sell.

Thanksgiving menu so far…
Turkey (brine soaked overnight, baked low and slow, covered for many hours)
Ham (covered in pineapple rings and studded with cloves, slow baked covered)
Green beans (garlic salt for a kick)
Corn (off the cob, butter, salt and pepper added)
Mashed white potatoes (lots of butter, garlic salt)
Candied sweet potatoes (brown sugar and butter, oven baked)
Stuffing (2 ways, one without celery or sausage, one with sausage, onions, celery, pecans, cornbread crumbles, herbs, chicken stock)
Bread (hot rolls, fresh baked bread loaf)
Green salad and assorted dressings
Cranberry Sauce (from the familiar can)
Pies (Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin)
Cake (White Italian Cream Cake)
Cookies (decorated sugar, no bake oatmeal, chocolate chip)
Sweet tea
Pretty close to the same menu for Christmas Dinner.

Boys will be out of school all of Thanksgiving week so they will be here Monday thru Wednesday while their mom is in college classes. Activities for them will include raking leaves, vacuuming carpet in their room, feeding chickens, collecting the eggs, playing video games, making crafts etc. For crafts I’m thinking cutting out felt ornaments and decorating with fabric paints and glitter. Who doesn’t like glitter?

First two seed catalogs to arrive have been Pinetree Garden Seeds and Stokes. I’ve ordered from both in the past and Pinetree is my favorite of the two. The other catalogs I’m looking forward to are High Mowing and Rare Seeds at Bakers Creek. Considering buying “blue” tomato seeds this winter to start in the green house. You can click the linked names here and request free catalogs too.

Have a bunch of started plants in the light table and more rose cuttings in bottles in the window that look promising already after a month of being there. Not gifts related but current.

On the crafting front, I’ve been busy making shaped soaps, crocheted scarves to sell and custom scented wax tarts. So far the wax tarts sell best. I maximized the fragrance I put in them and they make for nice inexpensive choices to sample. Current wax scents are Pine Cone Wreath, Toffee Crunch, Cider, Applesauce Frosting, Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Cocoa, Mulberry Frost, Vanilla Snow Lake, Southern Pecan Pie, Maple Cinnamon French Toast, Play Polo, Roaring Wood Fire, Gingerbread Cookies and Crackling Birch. Easy to pick 3 and share or gift to a neighbor or service person for the holidays.

Shaped soaps, think Star Wars R2D2, Millennium Falcon, Storm Troopers, carbonite, X-wing, Tardis, Lego blocks and figures, Christmas trees and stockings. These are scented in a clean vanilla, a soft clean mens scent and chocolate.

Bacon Scented Soap Great as a Gift
Bacon Scented Soap

Bar soaps for those less concerned with shape but enjoy fragrances like Mittens & Mistletoe, Flannel Sheets (like Downy), Wild Wild West (leather), Lavender, Pumpkin Spice Roll, Honey Apple, Spiced Cranberry, Pine Cone Wreath and Bacon(not bacon fat, just bacon). These make great gifts in or out of stockings.


Crocheted scarves are either multicolored, striped or solid, soft, some shiny some not. See for yourself at this link… Serendipity Ripples at Etsy

Blue Sparkle Scarf
Blue Sparkle Scarf




Affiliates are part of my income. I may receive some compensation from the links and ads in this page if you make a purchase. There that’s done.

Christmas stockings, not selling well yet, but it’s early. Star Wars, Mossy Oak, Frozen themes this year for my grandsons and others to buy and gift.

R2D2 Star Wars Christmas Stocking
R2D2 Star Wars Christmas Stocking

Ones not sold will be donated as gifts to veterans in Oklahoma. The upside is the more I sell the more I can make and donate to veterans. This brings me to the point of the season…giving. I give my time to my family, this blog and to veterans year round. Take some time to share some of your time this year outside your immediate family. Share your time giving stories with us.


Amazon Store Link, my only affiliated promotion. It’s where I do all my online shopping for gifts. Serendipity Ripples Store
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