Hello World re-launch day.

  • Today is re-launch day! Excited, nervous, curious all at the same time.  Join me as I share my observations, helpful hints and lists over the coming months.
  • Prep for holidays, gift ideas, DIY, gardening year around and more are in the line up. Visit my Pinterest Serendipity Ripples
  • I write off the cuff; edit as I type.  I have a diverse history behind me and a wide-open future.  Grab a cup of your favorite drink and come along.
  • Current goal is a single post each week. Check back on Tuesdays for the latest blog entry.
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  • Leave feedback about the blog posts!  I seek to provide useful content with helpful follow up.

Share your stuff, share my stuff, we can all benefit from each others shared stories and helps.

I have a website I’m working on when I get the background finished it will be published and this blog will be in it.

In the mean time “About Us” is posted below if you want to know more…

This is our beginning.  Largely still under construction.  Changes and additions are made frequently (sometimes several each day) so check back often.

I’ve been in technology since high school thanks to my dad who was an electronics engineer for the government from the mid 1960’s.  I had punch cards to play with, wrote programs to run on a VAX system, etc.  long before Windows came into existance. I’ve also provided hardware, network and software to support to a short list of very large companies and 2 small ones.

To balance this tech side of my life I crochet, garden, sew, quilt, paint, keep fish, raise chickens, keep cats (mostly rescues) and enjoy my grandsons.

Life experience is it’s own qualification.

Pages will be updating rapidly over the month of September so check back.

I work normal hours, no overtime.

I focus on handmade projects with locally sourced materials including repurposing electronic and mechanical devices. American grown fibers are my preference. Natural fibers win over synthetics.

Some tutoring, online research, virtual project assistance, and mentoring in college subjects are other things I can offer on a case by case basis.

From my garden 2015
From my garden 2015

“Tammy of Serendipity Ripples produces beautifully handcrafted afghans and scarves, trendy jewelry and hair accessories.” says Lisa Dannels of Whistle Hill Embroidery of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Both were at the Let It Be Natural Festival on August 29th, 2015 in Chandler Park in Tulsa.
Amazon Gifts 2015
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