How to Stay Cool With Less Energy

Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool
1. Super cool early in the day.

2. Get a free energy evaluation.

3. Replace out of date less efficient products.

We only use air conditioning in the upstairs rooms.  That lovely cool air cools off the hottest part of the house first and then trickles cool air downstairs to cool off the rest of the house. This post has affiliate links that help pay the bills.

Programmable Thermostat
Programmable Thermostat

Affiliates are part of my income. I may receive some compensation from the links and ads in this page if you make a purchase. There that’s done.

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We have learned through trial and error that the old house we bought had not been insulated at the roof when the attic was turned into living space. First thing was take down the entire ceiling and stuff in new insulation (R29 level in Oklahoma). That made $100.00 a month difference just in the summer months and about $50.00 a month in the winter months. Next was to fill in gaps in all the window frames (new windows + cheapest installers = no insulation around window casings). This has saved another $25.00 a month all year long. Last on the list was to sign up for the free home energy audit from our electric service provider. It included daily notices of billing rates per kilowatt hour so we could turn things off during peak times. We super cool the house in the mornings in the summer and shut off the air conditioning at 2:00 PM each day when rates are highest during the week. They gave us a free programmable thermostat for the HVAC system with a wireless remote between the furnace and the thermostat. In addition to this money saving freebie, they gave me three tubes of caulk for around doors that didn’t have proper seals in the facings. That was 3 years ago. Today our average bill for our 2600 sq ft home is $125.00 month. In 2010 when we bought the home it was averaging $280.00 a month.

Blurred Copy of Letter from Utility Company
Blurred Copy of Letter from Utility Company

This year the electric company has made the following offer…FREE estimated value of $2500.00 Attic Insulation, Air Leakage Sealing Around Windows and Doors, Duct Sealing, Installing CFL bulbs. Only glitch is we’ve taken care of these things already and they added a low income qualifier of $50,000.00 or less annual income. Check out your service provider see if they can match the offer from OG&E in Oklahoma. These weren’t huge tasks overall but they have already paid for themselves in the time they’ve been in place.

Since the big insulation task was done I’ve changed all the bulbs to CFL and added some four foot florescent lights to key work areas like my nice insulated upstairs crafting studio.
Honeywell Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

Project from the Studio
Project from the Studio

I can now say I’m an affiliate of Shein!!!! Loving the look of the summer line up at Shein Shopping for Summer.

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