C is for Coffee, Coffee gets me blogging.

What I Learned And What I Can Share About Beginning Blogging

The Top Secrets from the Top Bloggers (Seriously)

What I Learned And What I Can Share About Beginning Blogging

Go Daddy. This is the main place to register your personal or business domain. It’s the real deal, they know what they are doing. (not an affiliate)

Host Gator, unfortunately couldn’t get link between domain and WP to work with them tried for 35 days. Finally gave up, asked for refund of fees. Received refund 48 hours later. (not an affiliate) While looking cost effective, working is the critical part that was lacking.

C is for Coffee, Coffee gets me blogging.
Coffee gets me right side up most mornings.

Went with 1and1. Had used them before for a cattery website; easy to use control panel and direct email to support with hours in less than an hour. From the time I activated to the time I went live was less than 24 hours. That included backing up my stuff at WP.org and resetting to use with WP.com Easiest day of the technical parts of the blog.

Next up was choosing plugins and themes to try. Tried 5 different themes, finally settled on Pingraphy for now until I pick a commercial one to use long-term.

Plugins are pretty easy; choose, unzip, execute. Customize where needed to add Google analytics, setup MailPoet, couldn’t really get a feel for it then switched to MailChimp Free version. Still using MailChimp free, added Dropbox so followers can download freebies. That was seemless. I’m really happy with how things are now progressing.

Simple Blog Logo
Gimp Logo

Having now spent a full year reading how-to posts, pins, infographics and blogs before starting to implement them. When I finally did, things started to explode in a great way. (I could be an affiliate for 1and1, Dropbox, Mailchimp, etc. but this isn’t my market area.)

• Tried just one suggestion for Pinterest and doubled my interactions in 24 hours.

• Connected with one person in a Facebook Group (Blog and Biz BFF’s) and the next day links to my blog were shared to over 50,0000 Twitter followers of others. Blog and Biz BFF’s By Melissa Griffin

• Didn’t run out of my own idea starters but found this great printable. It’s what started this post. 101+ Popular Blog Post Title Templates by Olyvia You can read about them here… Popular Blog Title Templates That Work by Olyvia (not an affiliate)

• In a Facebook Group I found a free widget for my WordPress blog that pops up based on your personal settings to let people start following your different social media streams. Milotree by Jillian Popup Follow Widget (not an affiliate but definitely a fan)

Any key, shared by creative common license. Is this the key for you?
Any Key Could be the Right Key
  • Bloggers support bloggers regardless of audience.
  • Building up another does not tear you down; you get to grow together!
  • I use the following #’s because they work and these bloggers are awesome in supporting each other.#bloggersblast #bloggersunday #bblogger #fblogger #bloggerbabes

Facebook groups to join mean often daily themed posts to interact with others and others to interact with you. Share, post, like, and comment; those are the four basic actions that lead to growth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much I liked putting it together. It’s been a great way to look at my blog and see what works and what changes can be made.

Blogging Desktop this Morning
My Desktop this morning for the blog.

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