New Sun Shiny Day — Monday in the blog.

From: September 14, 2015

On Sunday more flowers were planted, in particular 3 rose bushes all in the bi-colors of red and white. Planted 3 new oleander bushes, pink, white and red reportedly hardy in our region.  We’ll see come spring.

Chrysanthemum, lovely light purple.  Come back each year to bloom.
Chrysanthemum, lovely light purple. Come back each year to bloom.

Chrysanthemums are starting to bloom. I realized I have a pot of mums out front that have been reappearing for 5 years now since I bought the house.  Kinda cool.  Saw a few crocus popping up in one of those pots too.  Little baby bulb-lets from last year that have taken a growth spurt.  Hopefully they will bloom next year.

Haven’t felt the need for more hyacinths.  Have over 150 now and they are consistent multipliers here and only need dividing every three years. Having a fondness for both the colors and the fragrance of the hyacinths we have over 20 colors and many doubles that were surprises last year ranging from pale icy blue to vibrant dark wine colors. Hoping for a 3-4 week showing this coming spring.

Significant other found some orange cupped daffodils (Sempre Avanti, from Van Zyverden, Inc.) to add to the bed this fall; surprised me as he doesn’t really enjoy the flowers but he likes getting compliments on them around town.

I splurged and bought parrot tulips (also from same source as daffodils), again.  They only last a season here before the squirrels and moles get them all unless I plant inside small wire cages then the tops get muddled on their way up.


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