Plans for Fall in the Back Yard…


Updates: Yard is a mess thanks to the old pecan trees that are now shedding native pecans and leaves. Chickens don’t care, more scratching to be done.  Planted barley for extra chicken feed, they love the sprouts.  If you’ve read this before thank you. If not, enjoy it as new and please leave a comment.

Purple butterfly bush.

Purple butterfly bush growing near fireplace chimney outside.


We have some dirt left over from digging out the new koi pond and it’s just begging to be planted. Will have to move by wheelbarrow first then build green house and start planting. I’m excited as usual about making things and getting dirty in the yard like a kid. (The dirt hasn’t moved itself.)

Dirt, loose, red sandy dirt.
Dirt, loose, red sandy dirt.

Koi pond in progress, needs rock-work finished, dirt moved, more plants put in and finally the koi moved from the aquarium to the pond. Here’s a few unfinished photos from the progress. Big important but ugly feature: HDPM liner: 45 mil highest quality we could afford.  Rocks in temporary placement for waterfall effect; Ugly now but won’t be visible later.

Grandsons and rocks, a natural combination.
Grandsons and rocks, a natural combination. Pond is filled in with water and the rest of the rocks now.  Have to hunt to find the HPDM liner.

Plants waiting for water to live in.plants waitingPlants in background thriving against neighbors fence.

Many mini trees that will be removed… native pecan, mulberry, hack berry and some rogue wood violets that thrive here. Notice the lack of grass? Had a few baby goats 3 winters ago and they ate everything they could roots and all. Yeah, no pesky grass to deal with.

Many Mini Trees, found a sprig of grass.
Many Mini Trees, found a sprig of grass.

They will get removed and turned into chicken scratch and compost. 🙂 (Still working on this.)

Planning on building a greenhouse, stay tuned for the plans and details.

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