Soft colors scrappy pieced quilting fabric.

My Quilting Progress, Maybe I Need More Fabric

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Ants Grasshoppers picnic quilt table cloth
The ants and the grasshoppers visit the picnic quilted table cloth.

One I’ve finally got ready to bind. Ants and grasshoppers on the classic red and white check fabric, quilting done, almost finished. Really like this one. It’s a bright green and white check on the reverse with yellow and pink cocktail drinks. Will enjoy using it in the summer.

Leftover fabric pieced, ready for quilting.
Someone else’s leftover fabric, put together, waiting for quilting.  Snagged it for a discount and pieced it up quick.  Ready to be quilted into a lap quilt.
Scrappy patchwork quilting fabric.
Deciding which pieces go where in this scrappy patchwork quilting fabric.

Daughter thinks she has called dibs on this one.  Interesting to see it from pieces, then blocks with sashing. Love the softer colors and patterns in these scrappy pieces of quilting fabric. Look below to see next steps.

Soft colors scrappy pieced quilting fabric.
Used 5″ charms to piece these scrappy blocks.

My daughter really likes the contrast between the blocks and the sashing. It’s almost done and ready for quilting then binding.

United Colors, United Humanity
I’ve put this together when inspiration hit right after the shooting in Florida in 2016.
United colors, united humanity. Some days we need gentle reminders of who we are underneath the labels.


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So that’s a short and brief view of the quilting I’ve been working on.  Have about a dozen more I’ll post about later when they are finished.  Quilting monkeys, coffee, cute critters and more in 100% cotton fabric.  It’s a thing, it’s my thing.  Enjoy, leave a comment if you like them.

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