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Affiliates and the Blogger

Here are some of my affiliates. Take a look through and see what opportunities you find. It’s a small group and won’t take long. If

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Too Many Windows at Ripley's House

Three Things to Clean in 15 Minutes or Less, Believe It or Not!

Three Things to Clean in Fifteen Minutes or Less, Believe It or Not! A small routine that makes the day better. 3 things, anyone can

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No coffee before petting says Flower.

6 Companies that Hire Creative Market Bloggers

I chose large demographic areas to search. I love research btw. Sincerely hope this helps a follower find the dream job. The links below open

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How to Stay Cool With Less Energy

Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool 1. Super cool early in the day. 2. Get a free energy evaluation. 3. Replace out of date less

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Super Hot Peppers

Super Hot Peppers: How to Get Started Growing

TOP PEPPERS 1. Carolina Reaper 2. Bhut Jolokia (Naga Morich, aka Ghost) 3. Trinidad Scorpion Want to see the best of my work each week,

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List of Five Online, No Phone Needed, Part Time Income Sources

Online, No Phone Needed Income Sources. Not huge money makers but they can add up enough for a small bill or a tank of gas

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Love Rose

Working for Employers

Affiliates are part of my income. I may receive some compensation from the links and ads in this page if you make a purchase. There

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