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Working for Employers

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Working for Employers

     I have worked in corporate and government jobs over the last 30 years. Recently I left that behind and now with the help of fiber internet speeds I work for myself, from home. If rural Oklahoma wasn’t fifteen years behind in technology I would have done it years ago.

Love Rose
One of the things I get to enjoy as my own boss.


No coffee before petting.
No coffee before petting.

Corporate jobs: as a contracted employee to several big league companies I enjoyed working with teams in diverse situations and know that the teams I was part of made contributions that mattered at that moment in time to the surrounding employees. Part of those years were many trips, many new friends and challenges. Those trips dropped me into places I’d only read about, and grew to appreciate more with each new job assignment. Building new teams, reaffirming existing teams those were worthy days.

Tag along later for more stories,  comparison, and sharing. I hope this holiday season finds you and yours well. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
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